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Let the Gently Packing Team take care of you packing and unpacking! 

     Packing is one of the most important steps for a safety and efficient moving. We provide a Packing Service with a very experienced and professional team. They can literally make your life easier, days before your moving day, the ladies from Gently Packing Team, can organise everything for you, from your clothes to your kitchen appliances, safely packed and label, helping the logistic of unloading at the new home. . Our team of packers can take all the stress away from your moving. The service also includes boxes rental and delivery, pick up boxes after unpacking, organising assistance.

Packing includes handling of every item protecting and boxing. 

Unpacking includes getting every single item into your preferred location of your new home.

Its an amazing team work, an efficient packing can save you hours of your moving and make sure everything will be delivered safely and to the right spot. Let us show you how smooth moving can be. From the first call to the last item delivered, we guarantee a high quality and efficient moving process.

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